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Why choose us


Arabic is not as difficult a language as many people think. It's just different. As an Afro-Asian language, both on a phonetic and phonological level, Arabic is a totally new world for non-Arabic speakers. That's why Dar Loughat has developed a new method, based on the vocal sound, the repetition of the same sound and continued repetition of that sound!

In addition to Dar Loughat's exclusive teaching method, our students get 5 other great advantages by coming to Granada.

1 Live classes, where we accompany our students in the streets of the ancient Arab quarter of Albayzin, putting into practice what they learned .

2 Home stay programs with Arab families specializing in international students. They learn so much more about Arab culture from within and practice the language all the time!

3 The possibility of learning different dialects and studying the Arabic culture with all its various forms of pronunciation. Our teachers are native speakers of several Arab countries, reflecting the richness and plurality of the Arab world.

Spain is separated by only 14 kilometers from an Arab country: Morocco. Dar Loughat Granada organizes visits to Dar Loughat Tetuan, and accompanies students who wish to put into practice what has been learned in this beautiful Moroccan city twinned with Granada.
It also offers a study program with long or short stays to learn or improve the language.

5 Andalusia in general, and Granada in particular, form an integral part of the Arab world. We offer a unique opportunity of language learning together with giving our students a better understanding of the great civilization that flourished for centuries in Europe, called Al-Andalus.