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Dar Loughat Granada is a perfect option for people looking for an intensive Arabic course with optimum results. Beginning, intermediate or advanced courses start Mondays regularly throughout the year with flexible schedules. We also organise regular study trips to Tetouan, Morocco, so our students can practice on the ground what they have learnt in class.

Our cultural program "The Andalusian Way", a unique continuation of 800 years of Arab, Christian and Jews living successfully together in Granada, adds an extra dimension.


The school is located in the predominantly Arabic speaking Albayzin. Students experience everyday situations, speak with the locals; buy in the market (Suk), shop for food and enjoy the relaxing tea shops. This is the Andalusian neighborhood where people speak, breathe, live Arabic and where they welcome our students to stay with families and practice the language in all its complexity.


Our programs are unique and in-depth:

* Practice Arabic with locals on a daily basis.
* Live with Arab families and practice the language in the home.
* Benefit from live classes in the Suk (Andalusian market).
* Enjoy the friendly atmosphere of Granada while discovering Arab culture within its Andalusian context.
* An incomparable experience of further travel to an Arab country.


Our Arabic program consists of three levels of studies; each level is divided into three successive and progressive sublevels.
Aware of the supreme importance of having students understand and adjust to different voice pitches and writings, we have made it our policy to assign a different teacher to a class at each level or more.
This method allows students to study with different teachers and comprehend the subtle nuances of the Arabic language.
Our cultural program, "The Andalusian Way" is a unique continuation of 800 years of successful Arab, Christian, and Jewish co-habitation.


After more than 10 years educating students from major universities such as Oxford & Cambridge, Berkeley, CA, Paris, Milan or Complutense, we have developed our own method with excellent results. Check their testimonies on our website, on Youtube or other social networks and learn about their own experiences firsthand.Our goal is to teach this language in a natural way, based on direct communication, and immersion in the arab culture.





Meet Our Teachers and Staff

Highly qualified native speaking teachers

Nizar Liemlahi

Tetouan, Morocco

Nizar Liemlahi is Director of Dar Loughat Granada. He has spoken often on Spanish National Radio and Spanish Television, in addition to collaborating on many educational and artistic projects with the University of Granada, Goshen University, Indiana, USA, Spanish Red Cross, UNESCO, and the Andalusian Regional and Local Government Departments.


Mounia Ben Sbih

Tetouan, Morocco

Mounia is from Tetouan Morocco, where she graduated in Arabic philology. Besides Arabic, Mounia teaches Moroccan dialect. An accomplished chef, she also teaches Andalusi cuisine, and the customs and traditions of her Andalusian ancestors.


Hind Soualhi

Casablanca, Morocco

Hind completed her studies at the University of Granada, specializing in teaching Arabic as a second language and Arabic translation. She also teaches Moroccan Arabic dialect.


Jamila Bakour

Damascus, Syria

Originally from Damascus, Jamila left Syria with her family to settle in Granada several years ago. After studying business studies at the University of Damascus, she switched to teaching Arabic as a second language here in Granada. In addition to teaching MSA and Syrian dialect, her special talents lie in sharing Syrian culture and cuisine.


Sara López

Granada, Spain

Executive secretary in Dar Loughat Granada. Graduated in Teaching in the field of Infant Education. Master in Law. She speaks English and Spanish


Patricia Nicholls

England, United Kingdom

Internacional Relations Director
She has joined the Dar Loughat Granada team to promote our Arabic program and culture activities to US and European students.

What the Students Say about Dar Loughat Granada

Dar Loughat provides a wonderful environment for those wishing to gain an insight into the Arab world. Perhaps Dar Loughat’s greatest strength is the flexibility of the course; the lessons can be tailored to your specific needs. It is just as easy to accommodate an interest in the Arabic language as it is to explore Middle Eastern and North African culture and history. Nizar, my teacher, was an important factor behind my successful stay at Dar Loughat. His enthusiasm was infectious and he showed great patience in explaining some of the more complex points. Furthermore, Granada is the ideal location for an Arabic language school and Dar Loughat makes full use of what the city has to offer; detailed tours of the Alhambra, Arabic calligraphy lessons. I would happily return to Dar Loughat for another fascinating course and certainly intend to do so.”

TOM McGEE University of Cambridge

My experience with Dar Loughat Granada was fantastic. As a doctoral graduate student focusing on medieval Iberian literature, continuing my Arabic studies is paramount. Luckily through Dar Loughat I gained not only added language skills but also had the opportunity to engage in many intellectually stimulating conversations on issues of multicultural identities, current political situations in the Arab world as well as the issues of approaching the Arabic language and culture as a non-native. The professors in Dar Loughat were incredibly welcoming and friendly. They also enriched both my studies and my overall experience while I was residing in the vicinity of the program.

Veronica Menaldi
Veronica Menaldi University of Minnesota

At Dar Loughat, I was immediately taken care of by the school and Nizar when I showed up with my luggage. He suggested hostels to stay at during my stay. Throughout the week we connected with local friends and places to eat and see. I learned a great deal from Nizar who practically immersed me during class with Arabic as opposed to explaining things in English. I spent 6 weeks in Granada and I felt quickly that I could’ve stayed for a year easily. Nizar cares very much for all his students and accommodates then in whatever it is they want to focus on. I wish so edit to come back to Granada because I enjoyed it so much all because of Dar Loughat, Nizar , and people I met through the school. Not only did I have Arabic lessons, I learned about history, calligraphy and about Andalusian culture. You cannot ask more from a great teacher. Thank you Nizar and associates to Dar Loughat Granada!

Roxy Neely
Roxy Neely California State University

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